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High-quality precision wheels,
handmade in Oregon, USA.

Quality is a crucial cornerstone in the what we do, and the folks at Rolf Prima are on the same track. There vividly passionate about cycling and producing a product that is second to none.

Why Rolf Prima?

Lightweight, aerodynamic and stable are the great qualities of a pair of Rolf Prima wheels.

By pairing spokes at the rim Rolf Prima is able to neutralize the left and right pulling forces so the wheel runs true, which allows them to build with fewer spokes, making lighter and more aerodynamic wheels. 

It's not just the spoke lacing that makes them great, each wheel is thoroughly built & tested.

In effect, they build each wheel three times with two stress cycles in the build to seat and stretch all components that enable the wheels to run true longer - without the need for constant attention or a "break-in period".

Watch the video above to see what goes into making a Rolf Prima Wheel. 

Outstanding Quality
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