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Wheel Building Courses

Admittedly wheel building is one the more difficult of skills to acquire, however our wheel building course is taught on a one-to-one basis for at least 2 hours.

Within that time you will learn the basis of how to build a wheel from lacing to tensioning with one of our skilled technicians and with the added value of being able to build your very own set of wheels to ride on.

You should allow between 4 to 7 hours total in order to complete all the work involved for a pair of wheels.

You can choose whatever wheels you like to build, but please contact us first to discuss fully your requirements and availability of components. A choice of hubs are available for you to build on: road, off-road, tandem or utility internal hub gears. Rims can be 700c or 26″ high quality rims from Mavic, Alex, DT, Velocity and well as other sizes or makes if required. We use DT or Sapim stainless spokes in single, double or triple butted as they are the very best to use in hand built wheels.

The components do have to purchased through us and we will give you a 10% discount* on them, as we are unable to accept responsibility if they are not compatible with one another or warranty on parts from else where if anything goes wrong with them. We do however, waiver this if you are using classic or vintage components, although please contact us first to discuss this.

Alternately, you can borrow practice components from us for the course, however at the end of the course, you obviously do not have wheels to take away with you to enjoy riding on.

Tea, Coffee and biscuits are available during the course, but please make your own provision for lunch if required. We recommend that you take notes during the course and you can photograph each stage of the process if you like.

That just leaves the final thing: when would you like to book your time with us?

Courses can be run most weekdays throughout the year, We are fairly flexible although we are not open on Sundays and on Saturdays we are unable to run courses due to the shop usually being very busy and a wheel builder is not always available. So give us a call or drop us an email and let’s work out what works best for you.

The cost of the course is: £75

*The full 10% is only applicable if paying with a debit card or by bacs payment. If paying by credit card, a 5% discount will be given. Some parts we can only give a 5% discount on such as Royce or Chris King.

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