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Frame renovations and refurbishment

If you already own a Swallow frame then . . .

You may like to have it renovated or refurbished, brought up to date, or mended or maybe just a new colour. If so, we would like to hear from you and help restore your frame.

And while we are at it, and if you don’t already have an original silver head-badge fitted, we can fit a new style head-badge in stainless steel.

If you have a really old Swallow Frames and Cycles, Laindon, Essex head-badge, that’s in reasonable condition then we endeavour to remove and refit if we can. Or we can offer a vinyl cut head-badge in the new style in brushed aluminium finish.

Please contact for an accurate quote as there are numerous combinations and permutations of colours and finishes – below is our price list for repairs and painting.

And if you don’t have a Swallow Frame then . . .

We can still renovate your steel frame with the same loving care.  Again please contact us with your requirements for us to prepare a quote for you.  For most classic frames we can obtain the appropriate decals.

Price List

  • Painting and finishing

    Frame and forks – plain or metallic £250.00
    Frame and forks – flamboyant, pearl or fluorescent £300.00
    Frame only – plain or metallic £245.00
    Frame only – flamboyant, pearl or fluorescent £295.00
    Forks only – plain or metallic £100.00
    Forks only – flamboyant, pearl, or fluorescent £125.00
    Tandem frame and forks – plain or metallic £450.00
    Tandem frame and forks – flamboyant, pearl or fluorescent £550.00
    Tricycle frame & fork – plain or metallic £450.00
    Masking of carbon seat stays – when on metal frames £95.00
    Extra charge for carbon fibre fork – when re-sprayed with steel or aluminum frames £95.00
    We can also paint things such as suspension mountain bikes – please ask for a quote
  • Assorted items

    Shot blast frame and forks only £120.00
    Primer rust pitting – we’ll give you a more accurate assessment once we see your frame – prices from £65.00
    Handlebars – plain or metallic £65.00
    Extensions – plain or metallic £65.00
    Mudguards (pair) – plain or metallic £175.00
    Chain guard (fully enclosed type) – plain or metallic £130.00
  • Oversprays and fades

    One extra colour £95.00
    Two extra colours £130.00
    Three extra colours £160.00
  • Panels and contrast

    Contrast panel on seat tube, down tube or top tube £60.00
    Contrast panel on head tube £60.00
  • Lug and box lining

    Lug lining, from £75.00
    Box lining single boxes £200.00
    Box lining double boxes £250.00
  • Transfers

    Solo frame – self-adhesive, non-lacquer type £45.00
    Solo frame – spirit or self-adhesive & lacquer over £45.00
    Solo frame – varnish fix & lacquer over £65.00
    Reproduction transfers are possible P.O.A.
    Personnel name on top tube – height to suit and font (within reason) to choice – from £15.00
  • Existing chrome

    Masking For Painting
    Mask and save chrome crown £50.00
    Mask and save chrome front ends £45.00
    Mask and save chrome rear ends £50.00
    Mask and save chrome front ends and 6 inch £60.00
    Mask and save chrome rear ends and 6 inch £70.00
    Mask and save chrome head lugs, each from – £75.00
    Mask and save chrome complete rear triangle £100.00
    Mask and save chrome three-quarter triangle £100.00
    Mask and save chrome rear ends and right-hand chain stay £100.00
    Mask and save chrome front and rear end faces £100.00
    Mask and save chrome front mech plate £55.00
  • Carriage charges

    Boxing up frame and carriage to painters and then either back to us for collection or direct to you £50.00
  • Frame repairs

    To supply & fit new:
    Bottom bracket shell and bridge £250.00
    Top tube £200.00
    Down tube £200.00
    Seat tube £220.00
    Head tube and lugs £250.00
    Top tube, down tube, head tube, and lugs – new front triangle £450.00
    Single seat stay £175.00
    Single chain stay & bridge £175.00
    Pair of seat stays including bridge £275.00
    Pair of chain stays including bridge £275.00
    Chain stays, seat stays, rear bridges & dropouts – new rear triangle £450.00
    Stainless steel rear dropouts – available in; Track, horizontal & vertical designs £250.00
    Single rear dropout £150.00
    Drop forged front dropouts £150.00
    Pair of forks: Stainless dropouts, cast fork crown & 531 fork blades £350.00
    Fork blades including stainless dropouts £250.00
    Fork column; threaded or threadless – standard or A-head £125.00
    Dent filled where possible- per dent from : £15.00
    For the above tube repairs, we have priced using Reynolds 725 tubing frames. For specific frames, we will quote you for the appropriate tubing, so the above prices are a guide as other tubing will be more usually be more expensive. We can still obtain some 531 tubing for classic frames. For tandems and other types of frames, we will quote individually
  • Braze-Ons

    To supply & fit new:
    Cantilever studs, per brake, pair £60.00
    Cantilever bridge on seat stay, including adjuster £60.00
    Cantilever boss, including removal of old – per stud £60.00
    Cable stop, guide, pump peg or mudguard eye – per item £16.00
    Gear hanger £60.00
    Bottle bosses including stainless bolts – braze-on or rivet-in type £35.00
    Lever boss – per boss £25.00
    Allen key seat clamp boss, including stainless steel binder bolt £75.00
    Rack eyes for Blackburn carrier, front or rear – 4-point fixing £75.00
    Front mech braze on plate – please specify large chaining size, Shimano or Campag double or triple £75.00
    Gear tunnel on or under the bottom bracket £25.00
    Lamp boss (rack eye type) usually on R/H fork blade, including stainless bolt £20.00
    Fit dynamo or torque arm plate, please supply dynamo/hub for fitting position £60.00
    Removal charge for braze-on fitting, includes cleaning tube after fitting removed £16.00
    Brake bridge, including removal of old bridge £75.00
    Chain stay bridge, including removal of old bridge £75.00
    Ream and sleeve bottom bracket – thread replacement on both sides £130.00
    Ream & Sleeve Gear Hanger £65.00
    Re-track frame and forks. Full track including wheel check £75.00
    Re-track frame only. Full track including wheel check £65.00
    Alter rear dropout spacing – usually possible – sometimes not! £60.00
    Straighten and track forks – usually possible – sometimes not! £75.00
    Remove stuck seat pin or handlebar extension, which usually requires heat if cannot be done mechanically, so your frame needs painting afterwards – from £60.00
    Thread down fork column, per inch £55.00
    Disc mount – Labour only – steel frames only – please supply disc, hub and calliper that you will be fitting – The prices of the mounts may vary, so we’ll quote individually for those.
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