We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of our opening times during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Current opening times
Open: Tuesday - Friday - 9:30 to 17:30 - Lunch 13:00 to 13:30.
Closed: Sunday & Monday.
Saturdays: Pre-arranged appointments for service drop-off or collections between 9:00 am to 10:00 am and pre-arranged appointments for Bicycle & Tandem orders.

Appointments for Bicycle & Tandem orders available on Saturdays by prior booking.

Please Book Here for Bicycles and Tandem Sales


Please browse through the bikes in our gallery.

Duratec Adventure detail

Neodrive ebike

Duratec Freedom Pinion Neodrive Ebike Gates Belt Jones Bars

Duratec Adventure Pinion detail

Duratec Adventure Pinion Gates Belt Drive Jones Bars

Duratec Adventure Pinion Detail

Duratec Adventure pinion belt drive

Duratec Adventure Pinion detail

Duratec Adventure drop out detail

Duratec Adventure Gates and Drop Out


Neodrives battery

Pinion detail

Duratec Freedom ebike neodrive, pinion, belt drive, Jones Bars

Duratec Freedom non e , belt drive, pinion



Freedom Duratec Pinion Neodrives ebike gates carbon belt detail

Freedom Duratec pedal pinion detail

Freedom Duratec Pinion drop out and gates belt drive

Freedom Duratec Pinion detail

flat bar duratec 1

flat bar duratec 4

flat bar duratec 2

flat bar duratec 7

flat bar duratec 3

flat bar duratec 6

flat bar duratec 5

Cool R14




One & Only


Rebel S8




Rebel Disk


Rebel S8


campag tandem 6

campag tandem 5

campag tandem 4

campag tandem 3

campag tandem 2

campag tandem 1

flat bar duratec 8

campag tandem 7

red swallow 1

red swallow 2

red swallow 3

red swallow 4

red swallow 5

red swallow 6

grey gravel 7

grey gravel 6

grey gravel 5

grey gravel 4

grey gravel 3

grey gravel 2

grey gravel 1

grey gravel 8

grey gravel 9

black tandem 1

black tandem 2

black tandem 3

black tandem 4

black tandem 5

black tandem 12

black tandem 11

black tandem 10

black tandem 9

black tandem 8

black tandem 7

black tandem 6

black tandem 13

Paul's Swallow

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