Comprehensive, capable and stylish,
pushing e-bike technological boundaries!

Torqe, multi batteries and cutting edge technology are synonymous with the Riese & Muller e-bike brand.

Riese & Muller...performance e-bikes!

e-bikes with understated quality and performance!

Riese & Muller are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of e-bikes!  They have a hugely comprehensive, capable and stylish range to fit every rider and price point. Working with the top battery and motor manufacturers, Riese & Muller make unique e-bikes that are pushing technological boundaries! Torque, multi batteries and cutting edge technology are synonymous with the Riese & Muller e-bike brand.

We have bikes at varied price points that are perfect for sports, leisure and commuter riding.  e-bikes are changing the modern world by offering solutions for both leisure and transport. They are sustainable, cost effective to run, the pedal assist is great for fitness, they are practical and fun.

In recent years we have seen the technology, aesthetic, performance and price of e-bikes improve...and Riese & Muller have been at the forefront of this e-bike revolution.

Test rides are available with our demo fleet ...available appointment drop us a line!

We have an extensive range of demo bikes including...

  1. Tinker Vario
  2. Evo3 Vario
  3. Homage GT Rohloff
  4. Swing 3 Vario
  5. Multicharger Mixte Vario
  6. Delite GT
  7. Culture Vario 4 - 2020 model
  8. Charger 3 Touring
  9. Cruiser Mixte Vario
  10. Roadster Touring

Riese & Muller's multi-charger range and technology are literally taking e-bikes further than they have ever gone before.

Simply sail past the traffic jams, soak up the sun and pack whatever you need to: the Multicharger makes the summer relaxed as never before. Take whatever or whoever with you – there’s plenty of space. Whether you need to dash home from work, head for the pool along with a friend or venture off to the countryside with your camping gear: enjoy virtually unlimited freedom on the saddle of the Multicharger.

Discover freedom instead of searching for parking spots.

"We are decisively shaping the e-mobility of tomorrow with innovative bikes and technology and our name is synonymous with user-focused product development."

Heiko Müller, founder and Managing Director
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