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Change your business or your life with an E-Cargo Bike!

Cargo bikes have become more popular in recent years, as they are the perfect delivery and logistics solution for both small and larger companies.

Green, sustainable, fast, efficient and practical in both rural and urban environments, the pedal-assist or E-Cargo Bike is a cost-effective way for businesses to make deliveries and connect with their customers.

The Perfect Bike for the Modern Business World!

The performance, technology, cost, and aesthetic of Cargo Bikes have improved over recent years and alongside government funding to support green initiatives, it means we are seeing more cargo bikes on the road...replacing the traditional white van.

Many local authorities are offering grants to businesses to encourage them to use e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for deliveries and collection.

Change your lifestyle with an E-Cargo Bike!

Increasingly we are also seeing individuals and families use e-Cargo bikes for commuting, for the school run or for those cycling errands. The e-cargo bikes is the perfect alternative to using the car and many people are replacing their second vehicles with an e-cargo bike.

So...what is an E-Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is a bike with in-built racks or a platform for carrying parcels. The rack or parcel platform is part of the bicycle frame or is integrated into the frame, allowing for large loads to be delivered by bicycle. Often cargo bikes are now equipped with the latest pedal-assist or e-bike technology in order to assist the rider with the extra carrying weight.

We work with some the leading brands in Cargo Bike manufacturing to bring our customers the best products offering a truly unique, ride, business and lifestyle experience.

Introducing the Urban Arrow

We work closely with E-Cargo Bike brand Urban Arrow to offer the latest E-Cargo models to our customers.

Urban Arrow specialises in creating front-loading e-cargo bikes for businesses and families looking to free themselves from motor vehicles. "At URBAN ARROW, we aim to be the frontrunner in urban mobility. Our design philosophy is bold and clear: always ahead. We have been applying this philosophy since we created our first Urban Arrow, back in 2010. Inspired to build the urban vehicle of the future, we set out to design an electric cargo bike that will never let you down and is easy to handle in traffic. Robust yet agile, durable yet light. The result is our iconic aluminum frame. After several years of optimisation, we’re proud to say it still looks essentially the same.

Change with your needs

We understand that your needs and those of your family will change over time, which is why all Urban Arrows are modular. This gives you the freedom to choose between different front frames. A box that’s big enough for your kids, or perhaps something that’s more compact. Everything is possible. In the same way that your needs keep evolving, so too can your bike.

Smart Urban Mobility

We want cities to remain great places in which to live. That’s why we’re defining a brand-new transport category: Smart Urban Mobility. But at the same time, we’re also seeing how streets are becoming congested and we acknowledge the growing need to reduce air pollution - quickly. By combining the carrying capacity of your car and the agility of an e-bike, we’re creating the ultimate vehicle to take all that’s dear to you from A to B - and beyond. Clean, safe, stylish, fast".

Introducing The Tern GSD

The critically acclaimed Tern GSD has been on the market for several years and is the "benchmark" for e-cargo bikes. Capable, efficient, powerful, and simply cool, the Tern GSD is the perfect partner for businesses, individuals, or families who are looking to become less car-dependent.

The Bosch Advantage

All GSD models feature the best-in-class Bosch Cargo Line motor, which provides up to 85 Nm of torque for a smooth, natural-feeling ride, and 400% support to tackle serious hills. Top it off with Bosch’s unparalleled service and expertise, and you can rest assured that your GSD’s motor system will be safe and reliable for years to come.

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