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We are E-Bikes!

We sell and service E-Bikes from leading brands, Haibike, Lapierre, Ridgeback, Riese & Muller, and Tern. Featuring the latest battery and motor technology from Bosch, Ebikemotion, Fazua, Shimano STEPS and Yamaha. We offer full diagnostics and technical servicing in store.

Our range of

We have carefully selected our range of bicycles, to cover a wide spectrum of cycling disciplines and uses, whilst ensuring it meets our requirement of a highest quality product and aftercare support.

The team have expert E-Bike knowledge,
so please drop us a line if you have any questions.

Award Winning Bicycles By Design are a Hub for cycling activity and offer a range of services from, bicycle repairs, cycle maintenance classes, Tandems, Bespoke Bikes made to order to cycle holidays and guiding… an extensive range of E-Bikes.

E-Bikes have been rapidly growing in the UK over the last few years and they are now seen as an excellent choice for transport and leisure. E-Bikes are inexpensive to run, green, keep you fit, are a perfect commuting or transport options and are fast & fun for leisure riding. Whether you are cycle commuting, riding to the shops or keeping fit the E-Bike can do it all!

With environmental and obesity issues on the rise, E-Bikes are a perfect solution and if you haven’t tried one, they instantly put a huge smile on the face of the rider. Once a product for a mature rider, E-Bikes are now being used by all ages as the growth in the market has seen increased availability of bikes, improved technology, strong pricing and better aesthetics.

E-Bikes are now “cool” to ride and are a real everyday lifestyle choice!

Huge global brands such as Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha have backed the E-Bike movement and with growing infrastructure and town planning taking place in the UK to encourage cycle use, there can only be more growth in the market.

Bicycles By Design encourage all cycling advocacy from youth cycling to club rides…Pete Bird from Bicycles By Design commented…”we are really excited to launch our 1st E-Bike demo days, E-Bikes are becoming a huge part of the cycling scene. They are very inclusive being a Bike, as anyone over 14 can ride one and they bring new cyclists on to the road or trail…and we love that!”

Drop us a line or swing by the store to see the E-Bike range, get some good advice and take a test ride!


When we have requests on 'chipping' or 'hacking' E-Bikes to allow you to achieve a faster speed than the legal 25km, we would like you to consider the facts below;

First, please note that this effects all other users on trails and roads to the point that if you have an accident causing injury to a third party the legal position for you as a rider of a 'tampered' electric motor will let you fall into all kinds of repercussions effecting both your position with the law and also your insurance becoming invalid.  Let alone how your 'tampering' will affect the third party.

Secondly, if you wish to go faster with an E-Bike this can be done with an 'HS' model, however you will need to do the following: 

  • Ride with a suitable helmet for the model (A moped helmet)
  • Pay LICENCE DUTY as a moped
  • Have fitted indicators and registration plate
  • Register your vehicle
  • MOT as a vehicle
  • You will not be able to ride on cycle paths or bridleways

Quite honestly, you may as well purchase an E-Moped if speed "for the road" is what you want.

Finally,  here is the link to our Government rules.

Here's a link to advice from Bosch.


The E-Bike Experience with Bicycles by Design

Experience the thrill of an E-bike!

The E-bike Experience is a 4 hour session riding an e-bike. The session includes full training, advice, and use of an e-bike, helmet, lock and spares.

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