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Tout Terrain

Have you ever looked at a bike and thought, wow! someone has really thought through the details for modern touring? Detail such as stainless steel racks that are brazed onto the frame to make them more stable and many others.

A handlebar stop integrated into the head tube to stop the handlebars swinging all the way around when you have panniers or a handlebar attached. Or the option to use a dynamo to recharge your GPS/phone/camera/ipad/computer via a USB socket on the handlebar stem.  Well, that’s what we thought when we saw Tout Terrain.

And when Speaking to Stephanie and Oliver Römer (who are Tout Terrain) we realised that for such a young company they have put a lot of experience of engineering, cycle touring, life and enthusiasm into all of their products. As an aside Tout Terrain manufacture, assemble and try to source all their products from within the EU.

We have chosen to 2 of their models that can be test ridden via our Ride-Before-You-Buy programme:

  • Silk Road – Derailleur
  • Tanami – Pinion

We obviously sell the other models too and a lot of them share very similar frame platforms so it is easy to get a feel for your ideal Tout Terrain from the models that we have.

There are lots of options that you can add to the specs, or we can build you a complete custom bike to suit your needs.  Download the Tout Terrain catalogue or contact us for a custom quote. You can now use the English version of the custom konfigurator to configure your bike by choosing a model, specification and add-ons, but remember that prices are just a guide and will be confirmed when you place your order with us.  Don’t hesitate to contact for any help and ask us questions regarding these wonderful bikes. Tout Terrain Konfigurator

You can view the full range on the brands website.

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