We are delighted to announce the launch of our all new Freewheel on-line store!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our all new Freewheel on-line store. https://www.freewheel.co.uk/stores/bicycles-by-design-the-tandem-shop We have partnered with Freewheel to give you access to a huge number of products at competitive prices, that you can either have delivered to your home or to us at Bicycles By Design. For Bicycles, simply book an appointment […]

Martyn makes a classic…”Keeper”! – It’s all in the flow!

  Martyn makes a classic…”Keeper”! Frame building courses are among some of our favourite days here at Bicycles By Design. We get to meet some amazing people and they make bikes that are a reflection of themselves as both individuals and riders! The people who join us to learn new skills are making “keepers”, those […]

Frame building course…build the bike you always wanted!

We love offering frame building courses, because we get to meet some amazing people, who make bikes that are a reflection of themselves and riding they like. That’s the beauty of a bespoke frame and fork…it’s the bike you always wanted, it’s unique and truly reflects the individual. Teaching new skills to individuals who want […]

“Bike of the Week”…The Riese and Muller Swing City Ebike.

Bike of the Week! Introducing the all new Riese and Muller Swing City ebike! A beautiful hybrid, city, commute, leisure ebike that is comfortable, stylish and easy to ride! A perfect ebike for Salopian lanes and ebike adventures. Suspension seat post and forks plus a gel saddle smooth out bumps, built in lock for security […]

Saving our Arts and Crafts in the Ironbridge Gorge!

Experts believe more than 200 heritage crafts are at risk of becoming extinct in the UK, and the battle is on to save some of the crafts indigenous to the Ironbridge Gorge and stop them disappearing forever. Rob and Pete were recently interviewed by Shropshire Live regarding the Festival of Imagination in the Ironbridge Gorge […]

Frankie goes to Hollywood!

Introducing Frankie who recently joined us to build his own bike! Frankie is a massive movie fan and incorporated his love into the bike graphics and head badge. Frankie is a lower 6th student at Shrewsbury School and has a massive interest in engineering. He wanted to make a gravel bike for commuting, exploring Salopian lanes and […]

“Grime Doesn’t Pay”! We look after your bike at Bicycles By Design!

…Picture…Roger cleaning parts for optimum performance! We can really look after your pride and joy at Bicycles By Design with our hugely knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team of mechanics. Whether your bike needs a gentle service to get it rolling again or a complete overhaul we have a service option for you. Booking your service […]

Ebike Demo Days a huge success!

Many thanks to all the old and new friends we met at our recent Ebike demo days, thank you for your support! The sun was shining and riders enjoyed the large variety of Ebikes we had, ranging from hybrid bikes, to light trail machines, cargo bikes and even an e-tandem. We had a great time […]

Another beautiful handmade bicycle leaves the workshop!

Another beautiful, handmade, Swallow Bespoke Bicycle leaving the workshop. Many thanks to Phil Norrey who collected his Swallow Bespoke made in Reynolds 953. His family originated from Ironbridge and so he was keen to have his bike for life built here. His descendants lived on Lincoln Hill from the 1700’s and were labourer’s at one […]

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