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“Bike of the Week”…The Riese and Muller Swing City Ebike.

Introducing the all new Riese and Muller Swing City ebike!

A beautiful hybrid, city, commute, leisure ebike that is comfortable, stylish and easy to ride! A perfect ebike for Salopian lanes and ebike adventures. Suspension seat post and forks plus a gel saddle smooth out bumps, built in lock for security and a luggage rack for carrying shopping, work equipment or supplies for an adventure. Top spec gearing and Bosch technology. It’s an amazing…complete package! Only £2799 with a demo bike available in store! #ebike #shropshire

Finished in an amazing pastel blue, brown leather grips and brown tyres for a vintage feel the Swing City is a stylish bike! But it’s also a bike that is very capable!

Ebikes are fun, cost effective, green, keep you fit and enable the rider to ride for longer or explore further. If you are getting back into riding bikes or riding for the 1st time, then an ebike such as the Swing City is the perfect choice for you. Riding in the Ironbridge Gorge and further afield in the county does have it’s challenges, as we have some spectacular hills, the e-bike really helps with this “lumpy terrain”. You still have to pedal, which gives you great health benefits, but the pedal assist really helps! WE are finding that ebikes are bringing people back to cycling or encouraging new riders to get out there in our wonderful countryside!

The ebike is a life changer!


For more product information go to…


…and swing by the store and speak to our ebike expert, Roger for comprehensive advice.

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