A bespoke handmade bicycle
...with a silver hallmark.

Made by renowned frame builders Peter Bird & Robert Wade. Each bicycle frame is built exclusively for it's owner, so limited edition comes as standard with every Swallow Bespoke Bicycle.

Swallow Bespoke Bicycles

Lead Time
12-14 months
From £2400
From £4300

There will not be another one like it: a truly unique frame that will fit you and respond to your riding style like no other.

Pete and Rob have been making bicycles since 1979 and are among the UK's leading frame builders. They are artisans, who create a limited number of frames per year, using traditional building methods.

Based in Ironbridge, Shropshire the birth place of the Industrial Revolution and a UNESCO World Heritage site...Swallow Bespoke Bicycles echo and celebrate the arts and crafts of this historically significant area.

Limited edition comes as standard with a Swallow frame: every Swallow frame has only been built as a one-off personal bespoke frame.

The design and style can be modern or traditional, it can be whatever you want, and that’s the key thing, it’s your choice.

They will of course talk you through the entire process, building a bicycle frame that is unique to you. A bicycle frame that is a "keeper" for life!

To see a collection of the unique Swallow Bespoke Bicycles, visit our gallery...


Silver Hallmark

The only thing that each Swallow frame shares apart from exacting quality and workmanship is a solid silver head badge and a hallmarked solid silver number plate.

Your frame number is unique, as the Hallmark date letter stamp shows the exact year your frame was finished prior to painting and is initialed by either Pete or Rob.

Pete and Rob only build a limited number of bicycles per year, which means that this is truly a bespoke product!

A one-off frame

You can be sure that your frame is as individual as you are.

It will reflect your nuances and style, forming an integral part of your riding experience as if it were part of your own body. But it will retain its own personality, willing you to go further or faster, when you are digging deep in your reserves on a long climb or miles from home.

Twin in another timezone

While each frame is a one-off, we have created identical twins.

One client, a Saville Row tailor, liked his frame so much that 5 years later he had another made exactly the same so that he could ride one at home and the other in New York for when he was working there.

While another had two identical frames built at the same time, one to ride in London, keeping the other to ride at his Spanish mountain villa.

Featured in
Cyclist Magazine

Pete and Robert were the two youngest Reynolds 753 approved Master Frame builders and the first to introduce bike fitting in the 1980s for all of their customers 
– a service they still offer


As each Swallow is bespoke to there owner, pricing can be quite varied depending on the bicycle you set out to build. If you let us know the bicycle you have in mind, we can put a estimate together for you.

We can build traditional road bikes, gravel bikes, touring bikes or MTB's...that's the beauty of bespoke bicycles the choices are limitless.

To give you an idea, frame prices start from £2400 for a lugged Reynolds 853 frame (rim brakes), £2850 for a Reynolds 953 - disc brakes add £300. We also build in Columbus tubing with Spirit from £2500 (lugged) and XCR £3000 (lugged). Forks from £250 (853) and £450 (stainless). Or carbon forks to your choice and can be painted to match the frame.

With our stainless steel frames, we can offer polished frame tubes and parts at an additional cost...POA.

Guide Pricing

To give you a guide the following do not include any stainless steel lugs or fork crowns but do include a quality if plain stainless steel drop-outs on 931, 953 and Xcr. Paint finish is one colour plain or metallic.  We also build in other Reynolds and Columbus tubing and will quote prices on request.

Columbus tubing celebrated their centenary in 2019 and have released a very special tube set to commemorate this, called Cento.  We can build frames with this tube set, but with limited supply...so get in early!  

You can of course specify the components as you wish, but we thought it worth pointing out that investing in a bespoke hand-built frame may not be as expensive as you initially thought. We work with all the leading component brands, so the choice of wheels, group-set and brakes is endless!

  • Reynolds 853 lugged frame with matching fork, from £2650

  • Columbus Spirit HSS fillet brazed frame with matching fork, from £3300

  • Reynolds 953 lugged frame with matching fork, from £3300

  • Columbus Xcr lugged frame with matching fork, from £3220

  • Columbus XCr fully fillet brazed frame with carbon fork from £3900

Any frame can be supplied with a carbon fork of your choice - prices vary and can be painted to match the frame.

So they are starting prices, and then depending of whatever you choose in terms of other lugs or lug-less, fork crowns, bottom brackets, other types of braze-ons, polishing and paint schemes and finishes, we will prepare a detailed quote for you.

So you want to make a truly unique bike?

What's next?

Having a bike built is a commitment, both financially and from a time perspective. The first step is to drop us a line and talk about the bike you would like.

We then get you to visit us for sizing and to discuss materials in person. A £300 deposit is required at this stage to add you to the build schedule. We will then be able to give you an estimated completion date. This is a truly "hands on" experience, where you are completely involved in the process 

Reynolds and Columbus are small, bespoke companies much like ourselves, which means that the lead times for tubing and are build timetable can be varied. 

A typical period from design inception to completed build is 12-14 months. We don't rush the process, we enter into a relationship with you and build a beautiful product. We keep you up to date with regular information and images...this is not a production product, it's made by hand with all due care and attention, by individuals with years of frame building experience, who are lifelong cyclists!

Have the bike of your dreams built!

Contact Pete and Rob @ info@bicycles-by-design.co.uk       Tel: 01952 459900

FAQ – Swallow Bespoke Frames

What’s the current lead time for a frame?

Our lead time is around 10 – 12 months. We try to be honest about this and if we can deliver earlier, then you will be very happy.

How does the order process work?

A £300 deposit secures your place on the waiting list and this also covers initial consultation and measuring fit session. At any point between paying the deposit and about 8 weeks before we start building the frame you can come and be measured or complete our measuring forms. A 50% deposit for the frame is required at least 8 weeks for the start of the build and then once the frame is under way a 50% deposit is required for the bike equipment if we are building a full bike for you. The final balance is payable on collection. Please request a full copy of our Terms & Conditions for further details.

I understand that with a Bespoke frame I can have anything I want?

Yes, within reason. This is all part of the fun and the reason people choose a bespoke frame and bike. It’s all about you, how you ride and how you want your bike to look. We don’t make “pigeon holed” models like Sportive; Touring; Light Touring, Audax etc., we just make a bike that exactly suits what you want to do on it. All possibilities of design, tubing, frame parts and styling are fully discussed with you.

So I can have any colour and design?

Pretty much so. We’ll work our hardest to achieve what you want.

Can I have a frame with no decals on it?

No, our name is part and parcel of the design. It takes around 2 full working weeks for Peter or Robert to complete your frame/bike and we’re proud to put our name on it. Unless a client requests a bigger decals or more than one, our name is actually quite a discreet decal. We can also make decals very subtle such as a similar colour as the paint and we have even a done a gloss black decal on a black satin frame. We can leave off frame tubing decals if you want – we are a renowned and respected builder so would never use anything other than quality tubing.

Can I have my frame chromed?

It’s not advisable as very caustic chemicals are used in the process that are not good for lightweight frame tubing and the environment. If you want a high quality polished metal or satin finish, consider having any of the stainless tubing from Reynolds and Columbus. We can then polish and/or bead blast for some very interesting finishes and designs.

You used to make some pretty amazing tandems: can you make me a bespoke steel tandem?

We would love to. However, at the moment there is no high quality suitable tubing available yet. The main issue is lack of suitable fork blades and chain stays. Also we prefer to use continuous length top and lateral tubes – again not available yet. We are working with Reynolds and are hoping to possibly have something suitable in 853 or 631 or other high quality tubing. Do let us know if you are interested.

Our Philosophy

To build the best frame for you, your riding style and your needs. We don’t blind you with science and tech talk. We listen to what you say and offer guidance so that you can make informed decisions and choices. We make sure that you are measured and fitted correctly, so no matter what your size or intended use, we will make sure that your bike is correct for you.

We choose from the best modern materials and use a range of techniques to build your frame whether you choose a frame for touring, track, mountain biking, racing, Audax, Sportives or just “pootling” around on. We’ll ensure that it’s correct for you.

We don’t like to restrict you, so you can choose such things as lug designs, or lug-less, fork crowns, braze-ons, or endless options colours for paint or colour schemes or which stainless parts you would like polished. We can also fit S&S Torque couplings to make travelling easier with bikes and tandems.

Take a look at Bike Radar’s “first look” at one of our Reynolds 953 frames.

Looking for tandems?
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