Handbuilt in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire.

Our Ironbridge Bicycles are a tribute to Britain's industrial heritage...with a hand-built British frame at its core that acknowledges and celebrates the arts & crafts history of The Ironbridge Gorge.

Ironbridge Handmade Bicycles

We like to hear from our potential customers, so please contact us by calling 01952 459900 or email to chat over your thoughts of owning an Ironbridge Bicycle.




Lead Time
From 12 weeks
From £1,995
From £3195

Frame Sizing

As bespoke frame builders since 1981*, we obviously have extensive knowledge and experience of sizing and fitting that we bring to our Ironbridge range. From the sizes that we offer, there should a frame that fits you, we can also build any frame as a made-to-measure version to ensure the perfect fit. Within the sizing range, we have included much smaller sizes than is usually found in production frames. And we can build much bigger frames too.

As each frame is made to order we are able to get the best fit for you the rider, regardless of gender. However, we do understand women have significant requirements that are quite often overlooked by larger manufacturers. Woman's legs are usually longer for their given height than men's and their torsos proportionally shorter. Therefore a bike with a short reach and/or higher handlebar position is often required to obtain the optimum position –we have incorporated this into the design of Ironbridge frames especially the smaller sizes (which will also help smaller men) and some of the larger sizes too.
We have also ensured that on our smaller frames toe overlap with the front wheel (only noticed when making tight turns at very slow speeds when) is eliminated or kept to the minimum. If you are at all unsure about which size will fit you best please download and fill in our sizing form and then we can advise you on the best fit. Or give us a call to discuss.
If you have fit information from a suitable Bike Fitter, we can use this too. Sizing and frame design The 1779 and 1851 have sloping top tubes and due to our design, we can make the head tubes slightly longer as standard. On the 1952, there are 2 options a 6-degree slope for a compact design and on the level top tube version a standard 'classic' version or a 'classic plus' that has an extra 20mm of top head lug so giving a longer head-tube.
* See Swallow Bespoke pages. We also introduced 'Why Bikes' in the mid-90s especially to ensure the perfect for any woman.

Our Pinion Drive Ironbridge 1779, built as an e-ready bicycle so if you are not ready yet for an e-bike you can be reassured that you can with the Ironbridge - Pinion 1779. This is an adventure bike with a difference...a unique bike that combines traditional frame building methods with contemporary build options. Drop us a line to find out more!

Ironbridge Bicycles, a fresh approach to traditional bicycle building with traditional craftmanship.

Pete Bird and Robert Wade the founders of Bicycles By Design and Swallow Bespoke Bicycles created Ironbridge Bicycles in 2015.

Applying the same skills & techniques required to build a Bespoke Swallow Frame, Peter and Robert designed three standard models for Ironbridge Bicycles, each with a different method of construction:

These standard contemporary models share the elegance and craftsmanship of a hand-made Swallow frame, without the extra time and cost required to produce a bespoke one-of-a-kind frame.

All Ironbridge frames are hand-made in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire.

See them being brazed in our workshop in Coalport.  Fully handmade by craftsmen and technicians to finally build the bicycle of your dreams.

All frames feature the laser cut Ironbridge rear stay bridge & distinctive head-badge.


1779 - the date of the industrial revolution!

Full Fillet Brazed Frame

Designed for touring, Gravel riding and travelling wherever you wish to go.

Fully loaded for an expedition, set up for Gravel riding or Bike Packing or with no luggage at all just to enjoy the countryside, the 1779 can do it all. A hugely versatile bike for exploring country lanes, forest paths, green lanes or the tow path. Set the bike up for an epic adventure or the mini adventure of the daily commute!


1779 - Pinion - E-Ready

Full Fillet Frame


This 1779 Ironbridge Pinion is the first Handbuilt bicycle in the UK designed as an e-ready for touring and travelling how you want to go. The 1779 Ironbridge Pinion has the capabilities of fulfilling many tasks from day tris to full expedition riding. The unique design is that it will accept the superb Neodrive e-assist rear hub at any time in the future so therefore allowing the buyer to be confident in having a handbuilt bicycle alongside the equipment to survive long trips with low maintanace.


1851 - the date of the Great Exhibition!

Semi Fillet Brazed Frame

A Jack of all trades and master of them all!.

This is a quick and nimble bike! Choose your surface and your tyres and off you go, fast and sure footed, even adding luggage won't slow you down. The 1851 is a versatile bike, designed for the road or rougher conditions, whatever you ride the 1851 will get you there in style! A perfect blend of traditional frame building skills and materials alongside contemporary components, offering a modern ride experience.


1952 - our telephone dialling code and the height of British Frame Building!

Lugged frame

A classic lugged frame (with level or sloping top tube) with wrap around top-eyes ,bringing back the elegance of the hey-day of British frame building. This is a frame built for the L'Eroica with uber clean lines and classic styling ready for some modern adventures!

Lugged steel frames ruled the world for may years and were the choice of the pro Peloton and any serious rider! More grand Tours and classic races have been won on steel frames than any other material.

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