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Forme have created a fabulous range of e-bikes, designed in the UK for UK riders and conditions. The range includes the fantastic the Thorpe Road E-bike, a performance drop bar road ebike!

Forme’s e-bikes trounce most issues people can think of for not riding a bike; hills, long distances, being unfit or not being comfortable should no longer be a cause for concern. Just have fun, be healthier and take satisfaction from being better to the environment than you would be in your car whilst you are at it!

It is worth us describing the Thorpe-E especially if you want to keep up with the younger guys during club rides or stay riding for longer, you’ll then see then a performance e-road bike is for you!

The Thorpe E-Road allows you to reconsider your expectations from a bike and re-evaluate your own ability, by enabling you to ride further and faster on epic hilly routes or with faster group rides that you never thought would be possible.

Our idea of the perfect Road E-bike is one which produces a ride that feels as near to a normal ride experience as possible with zero to minimal compromise. The Fazua Evation system is one of the quietest, lightest and most compact systems on the market. The combined weight of motor, battery and gearbox is only 4.6kg distributed across the lower, central area of the bike with perfect integration into the frame.
The 4 power levels offer up to 400W of assistance, combined with 2 chain rings for a wider gear range, giving you the turbo boost you are looking for on the climbs.

Once over the top of the climb and on the descent or sprinting accelerating over 15mph the drive unit and freewheel disengage seamlessly maintaining the comfort, steering and confidence expected from a carbon, endurance road bike.

The handling is further supported with a lower centre of gravity, optimal frame stack and reach, clearance for tyres up to 30mm and 12mm thru axles front and rear for fast responsivity.

Along with the Thorpe- E we invite you to take a look a the Repton Pro E for classy commuting and touring plus the Peak Trail Pro E – designed to eat hills for breakfast.

Both the Repton Pro E and Peak Trail Pro E are designed around the leading Bosch E-bike systems so an investment in either of these will be an easier choice.

As with all our cycles, at Bicycles by Design we take the time to help you select the right model for you, make adjustments for your comfort and expected riding style, along with providing you with first-class aftercare.


Forme have a great range of e-bikes as well as regular non-assisted bikes, our top three picks are below.

Thorpe – E Peformance Road Bike – £4200 – Find out more


Repton Pro E – £2,995 – Find out more

Peak Trail Pro E – £2,650 – Find out more

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