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Nothing quite beats,
a cycling adventure...

We have a passion for all things cycling, from building frames to testing them out on country lanes.
Our team has wealth of experience, on the road and in the workshop to ensure you get the most out of cycling.

Lead Time
4-6 weeks
From £1,695
From £2,795

Co-Motion bicycles serve a real purpose for cyclists who expect real performance without unnecessary hype. Frames handmade in Oregon then built up to your desired spec.

Co-motions Co-pilot system makes transporting your bicycle a breeze, using S+S Couplings to pack your bicycle quickly and easily for travel and also airline check-able. We import Co-Motion frames and custom build each bike specification for you in the UK. This gives you a greater choice of parts and saves you money as import duty on frames is considerably less than duty on bikes.

If you are considering importing from Co-Motion you would need to purchase from one of their dealers in the USA and by using this duty calculator to figure out a total cost. It is a common mistake to view the US Dollar prices as the price but VAT, Duty, Insurance and Shipping are not included. Approximately the cost of shipping would be $400 and insurance at $120 and if you were considering collecting from the USA, and importing personally you will still be bound by airline baggage costs, VAT and Duty.

Naturally, by purchasing through ourselves all sizing and warranty would be supplied by us.

You can view the full range on the brands website.

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