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If you're looking to commute, tour or explore Airnimal makes it a breeze, with its fantastic folding capability whilst retaining the feel of a conventional bicycle.

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Airnimal's folding capability makes travelling on most forms of transport super easy. Watch how it folds

It retains the feel of a conventional bicycle with its shape and larger wheel size compared to other folding bicycles.

It allows you to hop on a train and cycle in some of best places in Britain at the weekend, whilst being nimble enough to handle workday commute.

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The Airnimal range

Airnimal has 3 differnent folding frames:


All rounder

The Joey is the complete all rounder. Sports rider, commuter, tourist or trail maker, the Joey can do it all.

Unusually, the Joey is designed to work with two wheel sizes – fat profile for the city or trail, or narrow high pressure for ultimate speed. The Joey has two levels of fold. The first fold takes about 30 seconds and is ideal for commuting or transportation, and the second, a few minutes and is ideal for flying.



Built for speed

The iconic road bike built for speed, ridden and loved worldwide!

The Chameleon is the first Airnimal. Conceived primarily as a lightweight road bike, with a simple, energy efficient suspension system, it is renowned for its fine performance and comfortable ride. It has been used to win medals in major competition and is regularly seen at the great Cyclosportifs, and yet, remarkably, it can quickly be folded into a carry bag or ‘normal’ suitcase for easy transportation.



Wild thing

Full suspension, reinforced frame and BMX wheels ensure comfort and reliability, ON or OFF-road.

The Rhino is the ‘heavy duty’ Airnimal. Whether that means taking to the trail, a self-contained tour out into the unknown, or blasting through our pot-holed streets, the no compromise suspension, reinforced frame and super strong BMX wheels ensure a comfortable, controlled and reliable ride. To compliment its versatile nature, the Rhino can take tyre profiles from a fast road slick up to a wide off-road knobbly.

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