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About Us

Bicycles by Design is the product of over 30 years experience in the bicycle industry. A collation of ideas, beliefs, services and products, that allow you to buy the best bicycles individually tailored to your needs.

Bicycles by Design

“Details are not details: they are the design” – Charles Eames.

Since 1981, under the Swallow brand, Peter Bird and Robert Wade have hand-built bespoke steel frames for discerning clients.

In 2009 we added made-to-measure hand-made aluminium frames under our Landescape brand and in 2012 complimented this with made-to-measure hand-made carbon fibre tandem frames.

We also sell some of the best-quality small individual brands from Europe and America.

There’s no frou-frou or hyperbola, no flannel – just honest, well-designed products and advice.

The difference:

We don’t just sell bikes. When you call us or visit the showroom, you’ll be able to speak to one of the Bicycles by Design team that has taken an inanimate box of tubes (and bits of metal, filed lugs, mitred and brazed joints,) and made a living breathing bicycle form them. We understand bicycles because we not only design them but hand-build frames too: that’s the difference.

Ensuring that your bike fits you correctly, feels right and performs how you want it to is crucial to what we do. Each aspect is given our full attention, from sizing through to the final finishing of the handle tape.

From the outset we discuss your requirements to create a bike that reflects your lifestyle and needs. We will talk you through the various options and complexities of modern bikes, using language that you can understand, rather than blinding you with tech talk.

This personal service doesn’t cost any extra, it is the service, regardless of whether you have chosen a stock bicycle, a made-to-measure or a bespoke frame. And it means that any bicycle you buy from Bicycles by Design has been tailored specifically to you.

Showroom and assembly workshop

In the Bicycles by Design showroom, we display and sell frames and bicycles from experienced and trusted manufacturers. These include: Landescape, Co-Motion, Van Nicholas, Birdy, Tout Terrain, Helios, Airnimal, Ridgeback and Genesis. We offer a range of fitting services on these brands and stock a select range of accessories to equip your bike, including child trailers and tag-a-longs.

Our assembly workshop offers a range of repair and servicing options, plus bike and wheel building.

Frame building

Swallow frames are hand built on our premises, in a variety of steel tubing using a mix of modern and traditional methods. For those of you that want a full ‘hands-on’ experience, we offer frame-building courses. See the bespoke section for full details.

Bike Radar Swallow Frame review

Bike Radar Frame building Course review

Made-to-Measure frames

Landescape, Co-Motion frames can be ordered as made-to-measure, as can some models from Van Nicholas.
Landescape are designed and developed in-house utilising our vast experience and unique knowledge and are hand-built from specific aluminium bicycle and tandem tubing by an exclusive specialist frame builder in the Czech Republic and in carbon fibre by a specialist in France. Co-Motion are hand-built in steel or aluminium in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Bike Radar Landescape made-to-measure Carbon Tandem Frame review

Custom Bicycles

Swallow Bespoke, Airnimal, Co-Motion, Tout Terrain, Duratec & Ironbridge frames can all be used as a basis to build customised bikes.

Stock Bicycles

Alternatively, you can order any bike from Duratec, Tout Terrain, Airnimal, as specified by the manufacturer.

Frame and Bikes explained

Bicycle terms

  • Stock – as specified by the manufacturer, straight out of the box, no changes.
  • Custom build – a bicycle assembled from a frame and parts according to your exact needs.

Frame terms

  • Made-to-Measure – a frame manufactured to fit you, but to set specification of frame tubing, components and finish.
  • Bespoke hand-built – a frame that is hand-built, just for you, to a shape that fits you perfectly from carefully selected tubing to suit your riding style and purpose. Total choice of construction, fittings and finish.
Bicycles by Design