Swallow Frame Pricing

As each frame is different, we tend to price each one individually. Each frame will have a solid silver head-badge and a hallmarked individual silver number plate. We also only use stainless steel bottle cages bosses and most other threaded braze-on bosses. Steel fork crowns and rear seat-stay bridges will have our Swallow bird engraved in them and solid top eyes either the bird or the word Swallow engraved, depending on the size or your choice.

To give you a guide the following do not include any stainless steel lugs or fork crowns but do include a quality if plain stainless steel drop-outs on 931, 953 and Xcr. Paint finish is one colour plain or metallic.  We also build in other Reynolds and Columbus tubing and will quote prices on request.

  • Reynolds 853 lugged frame with matching fork, from £1500
  • Reynolds 931 lugged frame with matching fork, from £2000
  • Reynolds 953 lugged frame with matching fork, from £2200
  • Columbus Xcr lugged frame with matching fork, from £2400

Any of the above can be supplied with a carbon fork instead of steel.

So they are starting prices, and then depending of whatever you choose in terms of other lugs or lug-less, fork crowns, bottom brackets, other types of braze-ons, polishing and paint schemes and finishes, we will prepare a detailed quote for you.

FAQ - Swallow Bespoke Frames

What's the current lead time for a frame? Our lead time is around 10 - 12 months.  We try to be honest about this and if we can deliver earlier, then you will be very happy.

How does the order process work? A £300 deposit secures your place on the waiting list and this also covers initial consultation and measuring fit session.  At any point between paying the deposit and about 8 weeks before we start building the frame you can come and be measured or complete our measuring forms. A 50% deposit for the frame is required at least 8 weeks for the start of the build and then once the frame is under way a 50% deposit is required for the bike equipment if we are building a full bike for you.  The final balance is payable on collection.  Please request a full copy of our Terms & Conditions for further details.

I already have had a Bike Fit from someone else: do I need one from you too? Yes this is all part of our service. Bear in mind that the Bike Fit you may have had would have been to fit you to a particular bike and not to have a frame built for you.  We have over 30 years of experience fitting bikes and building frames for people and are quite surprised, as our clients' are too, by some of the incorrect Bike Fitting information they have been given.  Please see our Bike fitting page for more details.

I understand that with a Bespoke frame I can have anything I want. Yes, within reason.  This is all part of the fun and the reason people choose a bespoke frame and bike.  It's all about you, how you ride and how you want your bike to look. We don't make "pigeon holed" models like Sportive; Touring; Light Touring, Audax etc., we just make a bike that exactly suits what you want to do on it.  All possibilities of design, tubing, frame parts and styling are fully discussed with you.

So I can have any colour and design? Pretty much so.  We'll work our hardest to achieve what you want.

Can I have a frame with no decals on it? No, our name is part and parcel of the design. It takes around 2 full working weeks for Peter or Robert to complete your frame/bike and we're proud to put our name on it.  Unless a client requests a bigger decals or more than one, our name is actually quite a discreet decal.  We can also make decals very subtle such as a similar colour as the paint and we have even a done a gloss black decal on a black satin frame.   We can leave off frame tubing decals if you want - we are a renowned and respected builder so would never use anything other than quality tubing.

Can I have my frame chromed? It's not advisable as very caustic chemicals are used in the process that are not good for lightweight frame tubing and the environment.  If you want a high quality polished metal or satin finish, consider having any of the stainless tubing from Reynolds and Columbus.  We can then polish and/or bead blast for some very interesting finishes and designs.

You used to make some pretty amazing tandems: can you make me a bespoke steel tandem? We would love to. However, at the moment there is no high quality suitable tubing available yet.  The main issue is lack of suitable fork blades and chain stays.  Also we prefer to use continuous length top and lateral tubes - again not available yet.  We are working with Reynolds and are hoping to possibly have something suitable in 853 or 631 or other high quality tubing.  Do let us know if you are interested.

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