Women's Bikes

Unlike other bike manufacturers we can build bikes specifically to fit woman. As you may appreciate, there is a difference between men and woman's bike design and it is sizing that matters. For a given height woman on the whole have longer legs and shorter torsos than men. For example a woman who is 178cm (5'10") tall may require and 60cm frame and man of the same height may require a 56cm frame to have the saddle at the correct height, but the woman will be way over stretched on a standard "man's" frame geometry of a stock frame. At Landescape we build the top tube shorter and the handlebar position correct for the customer.

The issue is more acute for shorter woman as hardly any manufactures make 'serious' bikes in sizes small that 48cm and coupled to the fact that they use 700c wheels gives rise to further complications such as toe overlap on the front wheel and general handling issues. To deal with this we can build almost any size frame to suit the customers purpose and will fit 700c, 650B or 26" wheels as appropriate.

The example shown is a Sportive model built with 650B wheels.

  • What frame size do I need? - As we build the frame for you, it will be built to fit you. We use a fully adjustable Calfee sizer cycle as this enables us to take into consideration all of your dimensions and can even compensate for differing leg lengths (quite common) or various back problems. Don't be sucked into expensive "computer" assisted fitting or fobbed off with "you'll get used to that". This is hands on knowledge built up over 30 years of experience and based on simple proven bike/human physiology. Contact us for a discussion of your needs or book a fitting consultation. If you are unable to visit us in person, we can discuss your measurements and sizing over the phone and by email using BikeCAD to generate final drawings for you to approve.

  • What equipment do we fit? - We do have various 'starting' packages, but on the whole each bike is assembled from the right components for you and the bikes intended use. We ensure that whatever budget you are working to we don't cut corners where it counts for safety and performance. We will guide you through the choices to build the best bike for you and we promise not to blind you with tech talk, but we'll help you understand what the options are using language that you can understand.

  • So what else? - If you have any questions regarding Landescape then please contact us or call 01952 459900 to speak to either Pete or Rob personally.

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