Landescape tandem frames

Our aluminium frames are hand-made to order by a specialist manufacturer in the Czech Republic from carefully selected 7020 T6 aluminium tubing that has been specifically designed for tandems. All the welds on a Landescape tandem are filed for a beautiful smooth finish before a range to hard wearing coats of paint are applied.

While the carbon fibre frames are also hand-made to order, these are made in France by one of Europe's oldest and specialist carbon fibre bicycle manufactures.

By retaining control from design through to final assembly and hand over to you, we can ensure that you receive a tandem that fits you perfectly and is suitable for the type of riding that you do. Without compromise we can build a light sportive tandem or one for comfortable long distant touring with panniers and a no fuss Rohloff hub. You can be confident that whatever type of riding you will do, we can ensure that a Landescape tandem will fulfil your needs.

Landescape Aluminium Tandem Frames

landescape direct lateral V design tandems

Landescape aluminium frames are available in two designs:

  • The ā€œVā€ frame design with a lower top tube, suitable for off-road use, growing families with a variety of stokers (as it can be made quite small) or those riders just more comfortable with a low step-over height.
  • The direct lateral suited to taller riders, touring and sportive tandems.

Both designs share the following unique technology:

  • Tubing: Specifically designed and butted 7072 aluminium tandem tubing. Depending on design and use, seat-stays are shaped and formed with a biaxial 'S' bend to absorb shock and dampen vibrations over rough surfaces to give a more comfortable ride.
  • All joints are hand filed and finished to relieve surface tension of the weld and give a smooth appearance.
  • Seat tubes have an internal reinforcement to give better support and clamping of the seat post.
  • The rear road ends are custom machined and include a replaceable gear hanger, reinforcing plates where the wheel clamps, disc brake bosses, pannier and mudguard mounts.
  • Cable guides have innovative inserts that enable easy mounting of either cables or hydraulic hoses.
  • Easy to adjust eccentric bottom bracket with no external bolts in the frame
  • The standard Landescape fork is a custom 7072 aluminium tandem fork with a chromoly steerer for 1 1/8'" integrated headset.
  • You also have the choice of carbon fibre or suspension tandem forks.
  • There's a choice of 12 standard colours using durable powder or wet paint finishes or custom options for a small up charge.

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Landescape Carbon fibre tandem frames

landescape carbon tandem side web

These are only available in the direct lateral design and are suitable for sportive, Audax, racing and those who just like light and fast bikes.

  • Custom made and laid-up carbon fibre tubing
  • Can be ordered for any brake type
  • Features and exclusive chain-stay mounted rear disc mount if required.
  • Alloy drop-outs with replaceable gear hanger
  • Integrated sealed Stronglight 1 1/8ā€ headset
  • Includes rear carbon fibre seat post and also bottle cages.
  • Seat clamps and alloy eccentric included.
  • Custom colours and paint schemes as standard

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Complete tandem builds

Obviously once you have ordered your frame, you'll need to make it into a ridable tandem. We have a range of packages to fit most budgets, or you choose whatever parts you want. There are a range of UK specialist manufactures that we like to work with such as Middleburn, Hope and Royce UK who produce some very nice parts that can be used on tandems.

With Landescape, we bring you this experience in a package that you can invest in with confidence.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

  • What frame size do we need? - As we build the frame for you, it will be built to fit you. We use a fully adjustable Calfee sizer cycle as this enables us to take into consideration all of your dimensions and can even compensate for differing leg lengths (quite common) or various back problems. Don't be sucked into expensive "computer" assisted fitting or fobbed off with "you'll get used to that". This is hands on knowledge built up over 30 years of experience and based on simple proven bike/human physiology. Contact us for a discussion of your needs or book a fitting consultation. If you are unable to visit us in person, we can discuss your measurements and sizing over the phone and by email using BikeCAD to generate final drawings for you to approve.

  • What equipment do we fit? - We do have various 'starting' packages, but on the whole each tandem is assembled from the right components for you. We ensure that whatever budget you are working to we don't cut corners where it counts for safety and performance. To this end we have designed Synergy tandem hubs and rims to make strong reliable wheels with the added advantage that they are disc brake ready. We will guide you through other options for tandem specific components from quality manufacturers.

  • Disc Brakes, are they good? - Tandems can take full advantage of disc brakes and 203mm rotors to give very safe braking. We currently use Avid BB7 and Hope hydraulic on the front and rear for both road and trekking/touring set ups or Magura or Hope hydraulic for trekking and off road tandems using straight handle bars. Of course if you are a light pair and want to ride up and down relatively easy hills then V brakes or quality race callipers are adequate for this.

  • Can we test ride a tandem? - Yes, contact us to book a test ride. Not ridden a tandem before: no problem, book a Tandem Experience where we induct you into the enjoyment of two on a bike, with plenty of opportunities for tea, coffee and cake!

  • Anything else? - We're very approachable, friendly and make good coffee and tea.......Oh and we also build Landscapes with one saddle, that's a "normal" bike. So if you require a made-to-measure custom bike that fits you, please see here.

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