How do we know what we do?

With nearly a combined 58 years of experience in the bicycle industry, in could be said that Peter Bird and Robert Wade 'know a bit about bikes and cyclists'. We are not a 'been there and got the tee shirt' type of people, rather we are eager to learn from the past, reflecting on what was good, bad or just indifferent, using our experience to move things forward and challenging the accepted view or the new fashion. We have seen cycling fads come and go and even seen people trying to re-invent the wheel. From day one we set out to make better bikes and parts, design things with good reason and integrity and to go that extra mile to make sure that our clients enjoy their bikes and cycling

Since making our first frame in 1981, we have designed and built frames, tandem and bikes and occasionally trikes, that have been raced, time trialled, toured across Europe and around the world, ridden over the Atlas Mountains, ridden to the shops and back with the kids in tow, ridden along the Silk Road to China, ridden every day and once or twice a year, and given a customer his freedom back and the feeling of the wind in his hair. Each bike or tandem was as unique as their owners, but reflecting their nuances and style and extending their riding as if it were part of their body.

Along the way we learned a lot about our clients and what makes them cycle. We also designed, developed and made specialist components for tandems and mountain bikes, were consulted by tubing manufactures to help develop tubing sets, built prototypes for some very interesting inventors and found time ride, occasionally race and organise cycle events.

For some interesting insights to our hertitage see here.

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