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Van Nicholas probably produce the highest quality and most versatile range of titanium bikes available.  At Van Nicholas the research, design and fabrication process is a continuously evolving process with one aim: to create the best frames possible for their intended application. Van Nicholas believe that the best material for bicycle frame construction is Titanium. So aerospace grade Titanium is the only material that they use.  

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Choose from a throughbred race bike with the Astraeus, an easy to maintain and ride Amozon Rohloff tourer or a fast fun fixie Chinook.  There is a bike to suit every rider, with a size range and specification to match.  Or you can have a made-to-measure frame and a custom spec.  The choice is yours, and almost unlimited.  We can order models as specified by Van Nicholas and also customise within the Van Nicholas options for you, or we can order frames and customise everything for you.

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We have 2 models for you to test ride: Amazon and Yukon.  These can be booked out for extended test rides for a small hire fee which is refundable when you place your order with us. Ride Before you Buy Or Contact us

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Prices given are based on the Euro retail price converted to Sterling (1/3/2013), so will fluctuate from time to time. We will confirm actual price of your specified model when you place your order with us. As there are so many options for built bikes, to guide you we show the least expensive option for complete bikes. Even within the equipment specs. VN allow some customisation on most models. Download the full Van Nicholas price list (in euros €)

Model Frame only Tailor made Complete bikes
Astraeus £1983 £2697 £3116
Zephyr £1348 £2062 £2400
Chinook £1031 £1745 £2091
Aquilo £1189 £1903 £2244
Ventus £872 NA £1599
Amazon CX £1110 £1824 £2128
Amazon £1110 £1824 £1999
Amazon Rohloff £1269 £1983 £2995
Yukon Rohloff £1269 £1983 £2936
Yukon £1031 £1741 £1741

Pioneer 29er Roloff

£1348 £2062 £3021
Tuareg 27.5" £1348 £2062 £2744
Tuareg 29" £1348 £2062 £2463
Zion 29" £1189 £1903 £2302
Zion Rohloff 29" £1348 £2062 £3562
Redwood £872 NA £1984

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