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Ridgeback is now over 25 years old and offers quality and attention to detail little found else where in the cycle industry.  We really think they offer unparalleled quality and value across a wide range of types and designs of bicycles. While we concentrate on thw World Tour Series, our other shop, The BicycleHub in the Park, stocks the full range

The bikes throughout the range are fully Shimano equiped and are greased and lubricated with Finish Line products - this gives you great value for money and ensured smooth running.

As with all our new bicycles we include 2 FREE services in with a new Ridgeback. We can also customize a new bicycle to your requirements.


 panorama web
Everything you could want on a touring bike and then some: A classic Reynolds triple butted 725 frame and fork for a responsive and comfy ride - light, but strong too. Quality, servicable components that won't let you down or have strange foibles. Racks front and rear as standard, bottle cages, mudguards, single sided SPD pedals and a pump. Just add some panniers and a map and off you go.....




A classic touring bike made from Reynolds 525 tubing.  A well thought out design for all day comfort and fit - sizes start from 47cm. Quality and easy servicable parts, means this is the bike to travel on, anywhere without problems. Mudguards, racks and a pump are standard equipment.  Whether you are planning to travel to work or leave work and travel the world, the Voyage won't let you down. £849



journey web

All the features of the Voyage...except no derailleurs. But don't worry, it's not a hipster single speed, it has a rather nice Afine 8 speed internal hub gear.  Protected from the elements and easy to use the Alfine hub will give years of hassle free gear changes.  Perfect for everyday commuting or travelling.

Price List


World Tour

Voyage  £849.99
Panorama £1299.99
Journey £1149.99

If you would like to know more about Ridgeback, drop us a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Ridgeback web site

Van Nicholas

For further details and Ride-Before-You-Buy, contact us.

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Van Nicholas probably produce the highest quality and most versatile range of titanium bikes available.  At Van Nicholas the research, design and fabrication process is a continuously evolving process with one aim: to create the best frames possible for their intended application. Van Nicholas believe that the best material for bicycle frame construction is Titanium. So aerospace grade Titanium is the only material that they use.  

Astraeus web

Choose from a throughbred race bike with the Astraeus, an easy to maintain and ride Amozon Rohloff tourer or a fast fun fixie Chinook.  There is a bike to suit every rider, with a size range and specification to match.  Or you can have a made-to-measure frame and a custom spec.  The choice is yours, and almost unlimited.  We can order models as specified by Van Nicholas and also customise within the Van Nicholas options for you, or we can order frames and customise everything for you.

Zion-29 web

We have 2 models for you to test ride: Amazon and Yukon.  These can be booked out for extended test rides for a small hire fee which is refundable when you place your order with us. Ride Before you Buy Or Contact us

 Yukon web


Amazon web

Visit Van Nicholas Bicycles

Prices given are based on the Euro retail price converted to Sterling (1/3/2013), so will fluctuate from time to time. We will confirm actual price of your specified model when you place your order with us. As there are so many options for built bikes, to guide you we show the least expensive option for complete bikes. Even within the equipment specs. VN allow some customisation on most models. Download the full Van Nicholas price list (in euros €)

Model Frame only Frame/Fork
& headset
Tailor made Complete bikes
Astraeus £2175 £2475 £2955 £3690
Zephyr £1480 £1710 £2255 £2485
Chinook £1130 £1410 £1910 £2180
Aquilo £1310 £1540 £2085 £2670
Ventus £960 £1235 NA £1655
Blaze £1655 £1870 £2430 £935
Amazon CX £1220 £1425 £1995 £2180
Chinook Track £1130 £1405 £1910 £2010
Chinook Fixed £1130 £1405 £1910 £1745
Amazon £1220 £1425 £1995 £2185
Amazon Lady Rohloff £1310 £1510 £2085 £2935
Amazon Rohloff £1310 £1510 £2085 £2935
Yukon Rohloff £1310 £1430 £2085 £3020
Yukon £1130 £1299 £1910 £2150
Pioneer 26 Rohloff £1399 £1580 £2430 £3049

Pioneer 29er Roloff

£1480 £1645 £2259 £3135
Tuareg £1480  NA £2259 £2925
Valkyr £2265  NA £3039 £3769
Zion 29" £1310  NA £2085 £2489
Zion Rohloff £1480  NA £2259 £3495
Redwood £959  NA NA £1739

VN ATB action web

Tout Terrain


Tout Terrain

Have you ever looked at a bike and thought, wow! someone has really thought through the details for modern touring? Detail such as stainless steel racks that are brazed onto the frame to make them more stable. A handlebar stop integrated into the head tube to stop the handlebars swinging all the way round when you have panniers or a handlebar attached. Or the option to use a dynamo to recharge your GPS/phone/camera/ipad/computer via a USB socket on the handlebar stem.  Well that's what we thought when we saw Tout Terrain.

And when Speaking to Stephanie and Oliver Römer (who are Tout Terrain) we realised that for such a young company they have put a lot of experience of engineering, cycle touring, life and enthusiasm into all of their products. As an aside Tout Terrain manufacture, assemble and try to source all their products from within the EU.

We have chosen to 3 of their products that can be test ridden via our Ride-Before-You-Buy programme. We obviously sell the other models too and a lot of them share very similar frame platforms so it is easy to get a feel for your ideal Tout Terrain from the models that we have.

The prices quoted below are for the entry level specification for each model.  There are lots of options that you can add to the specs, or we can build you a complete custom bike to suit your needs.  Download the Tout Terrain catalogue or contact us for a custom quote. You can now use the English version of the custom konfigurator to configure you bike by choosing model, specification and add-ons, but remember that prices are just a guide and will be confirmed when you place your order with us.  Don't hesitate to contact for any help and ask us questions regarding these wonderful bikes. Tout Terrain Konfigurator

Silk Road


The Silkroad is an extremely robust travel bike; for its design, the "less is more" principle was the main focus. By integrating the rack into the mainframe, weak points (such as braze-ons and screws) are eliminated offering greater strength at the same time. The geometry of the rack is a stress optimised design and by integrating the rack into the main frame the weight is also reduced.

  • Integrated rack increases the resistance and durability at a lower weigh
  • Rohloff internal gear hub version has an eccentric bottom bracket for simple adjustment
  • High-strength CrMo frame tubing for a high durability
  • Braze-ons and dropouts are made from stainless steel
  • Asymmetrical tout terrain steel fork for balanced load sharing with disc brake use
  • Tension-proof light cables with special cable guides
  • Handlebar stop to protect the frame from damages
  • Increased stability and lower weight due to 26"wheels
  • Integrated stand mount

Prices from £1640. We can also build you customised spec to suit your riding (frame price from £640)


Grande Route


The Grande Route is a classic Randonneur that enables long distance riders to cover great distances at a sporty pace while retaining a comfortable seating position.
The modified geometry, compared to the Silkroad it has a slightly shorter top tube, enables a comfortable seating position which can easily be ridden with a drop bar. New drop-outs allow a nicely integration of the disc brakes. Modern attributes like lightweight oversize-tubes, the integrated stainless steel rack as well as the Ergo-Stop handlebar stop complement the concept.
The Grande Route is available with derailleurs and can be built to a custom specification.

  • Comfortable seating position with drop bar due to specific geometry
  • Frame weight from 2.6kg with integrated rack and lightweight oversize tubes
  • Integrated stainless steel rack
  • Integrated Ergo-Stop handlebar stop
  • Tire size up to 37mm

Prices from £2300. We can also build you customised spec to suit your riding (frame price from £790)



The singletrailer is a suspended bike trailer for bike enthusiasts who want to ride their bike with their kids in tow, on all surfaces. No matter if you mountain, road or ride long distances. The trailer allows you to experience your sport and nature together with the whole family.

The singletrailer was developed especially for sporting use, with special attention applied to safety, ensuring the least risk to your child.

Who needs the singletrailer?

  • Mountainbikers with kids! Since the single trailer remains rideable in almost every area, with 20 cm of travel for all surfaces your child remains comfortable all day.
  • Roadriders with kids! Since the singletrailer is a mono wheeler, the dynamics of the trailer adapt to the bike and the rider (it leans with the bike) and also does bump your kids from side to side
  • Journey and Long distance riders with kids! Since the singletrailer doesn't have two wheels to fall into holes and rutts, it is suited to forests, tracks and across fields.

Maximum safety:

  • Robust and rigid cage from light and high-quality CrMo precision tubing.
  • A vertically adjustable 5 point seat belt and adjustable seat
  • Passenger seat, sewn from robust 1000 Cordura with PU foam filling prevents cooling and overheating.
  • Triple securing of the singletrailer/bike connection by a quick release cotter pin connection as well as a safety rope.
  • Bright visible colours in conjunction with reflective strips on all sides. Providing maximum visibility in the dark.
  • Lightweight. Only 9.5 kg, the light weight design adding to the simplicity of handling.

Price £1120


Electric Bicycles



Airnimal have an electric version of their popular Joey model fitted with the BionX kit. Because it is fitted to a folding bicycle it is idea for caravanners, motor-home and boat owners. Prices from £2499

Birdy also offer a BionX version of their Touring folding bike. Prices from £3169

Because both Birdy and Airnimal are folding bicycles they are idea for caravanners, motor-home and boat owners.

For more information about electric bicycles: visit Pedlecs website where good advice on electric bicycles can be found or call in to the Bicycles by Design.

You might also be interested in the Electric Bicycle Event which happens each year in Presteigne, Powys called the Tour De Presteigne


Airnimal Bikes

Airnimal Chameleon Performance

A small UK-based company designing performance bicycles that happen to fold. Ideal for cyclists who need a serious road (or off-road) bicycle they can easily take with them on their travels.

Incredibly well-thought out, incredibly comfortable and incredibly distinctive: our customers are delighted with their Airnimals.

With all our new bicycles we offer a choice of free extras bundled in with a new Airnimal. We can customize a new bicycle to your requirements too.

We are delighted to say that we can design and build an entirely unique bicycle onto Airnimal frames. So you really can have a bicycle uniquely designed for you.

Airnimal is at Bicycles by Design in Jackfield, Ironbridge Gorge. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  RIDE BEFORE YOU BUY at Bicycles by Design Book Now

Our favourites Airnimals

The Airnimal range is based on 3 distinct frame styles.  Joey, Chameleon and Rhino. Each model on each frame fills a particular niche and we will be delighted to talk over your particular requirements. Down load full specification and price list here

The Joey

Airnimal Chameleon Commute

The Joey is a great frame for touring or commuting. One of the key reasons for buying a folding bike is if you have a commute by car or train and you want to ride for part of it. This is the ideal bike for that but it's responsive and positive enough to go for a blast around after work.

More Info

The Chameleon

Airnimal Chameleon Performance

This is a fantasticly light, responsive flat bar road bike. It really has to be ridden to be believed. Quality kit adorns its unique and distinctive frame. Shimano Tiagra hubs roll as smoothly as anything on the road and Tiagra and Ultegra shifters will mean that gear changing is is smooth, sure and rapid.

More Info

The Joey Rhino

Airnimal Rhino

The Rhino is the 'heavy duty' Airnimal. Whether that means taking to the trail, a self-contained tour out into the unknown, or blasting through our pot-holed streets, the no compromise suspension, reinforced frame and super strong BMX wheels ensure a comfortable, controlled and reliable ride. To compliment its versatile nature, the Rhino can take tyre profiles from a fast road slick up to a wide off-road knobbly.

More Info

Price List 2013


Sport-520 £999
Commute - Alfine 8 £1,399
Commute - Alfine 11 £1,669
Explore 27 £1,249
Explore 27 Drop £1,459
Explore Elite  - Rohloff £2,369
Explore Elite drop £1,999
Frame only £769


Performance Sport £1,999
Ultra £2,349
Ultima £3,349
Fixie £1,549
Frame Only £846

Joey Rhino

White £1,899
Black £3,199
Road £2,199
Frame Only £846
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