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Genesis is very much a riders brand.  It's less about fashion and the latest must have bits and more about good design that works. Well thought through bikes that are right for UK conditions and how we like to ride, designed by people who actually ride bikes.

And they make some very nice steel road bikes using Reynolds tubing, we like them even more. The Genesis 953 Race bikes (due to go on sale in late spring 2013) will compliment our own 953 Bespoke frames, while the rest of the range gve a modern twist and exciting update to an overlooked technology and will help new riders understnad while steel is still so good.

Mountain bikers in the UK are an unusal breed, globally speaking. They enjoy mud quite a lot more than their European or American cousins for example and move from trails onto hard roads and back with unusual zeal.

That's why we think it is important that Genesis give plenty of mud clearance on all their frames and also offer hub gears for the ultimate mud protection. And they apply the same rigour and passion to their road and cross bikes, making some of the most understated designs that have outstanding details to improve your ride experience.

At Bicycles by Design we sell the Genesis range from £1000 upwards, while The Bicycle Hub in the Park sells those under £1000

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Our favourites Genesis

The Genesis range encompasses off road with wide and skinny tyres, derailleurs or hub gears.  There's road bikes for speed and cross bikes for bumpy roads, tracks or commuting with derailleur, hub or even one gear - fixed or not, depending on your vice. And a track bike, well for going round and round very fast.  It's a tough choice, but here are a few we particularly like.

Fortitude Adventure

fortitude-adventure web

So why didn't anyone think of this before?! A bike that will roll over almost anything, is increadibly comfortable, handles off road like it's on road and can carry pretty much all your touring kit. It's also very easy to look after - 11 easy to use hub gears and disc brakes - go anywhere and do anything off road. And then swiitch the tyres to 700x32 and wiz into work for your daily road commute or take it for a road tour. £1499

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Equilibrium 10


If you have a long commute by cycle and you need to cover ground quickly but without sacrificing comfort and durability then the Equilibrium 10 is the perfect choice. It has a Reynolds 725 frameset paired with a carbon fork for all day long comfort, whether it's your daily commute, a day ride with mates, or something more challenging such as the Paris Roubaix sportive, this bike will handle all with ease, and not break the bank. £1149

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Day 01 Alfine 11

day-01-alfine-11 web

Following the popularity of the Original Day 01, the alfine 11 version gains a few more gears and a very, very nice Reynolds 853 frame, retaining all the handling and ride quality of the original on a lighter and more responsive platform. A bike that will take mudguards for commuting to work, or take all the mud you can throw at it on single tracks and cycle paths. £1799

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 Genesis Price List Bikes and Frames
Road, Track & Cross Price           Mountain & Adventure Price
Equilibrium Ti £2299.99 High Latitude Alfine £1699.99
Equilibrium 20 £1299.99 High Latitude 2x10 £1499.99
Equilibrium 10 £1149.99 High Latitude 1x10 £999.99
Equilibrium 00 £899.99 Mantle 30 £1299.99
Volant 30 £1249.99 Mantle 20 £1099.99
Volant 20 £999.99 Grapil 20 £2599.99
Volant 10 £799.99 Grapil 10 £2099.99
Volant 00 £649.99 Fortitude Adventure £1499.99
Madison £599.99 Fortitude Race £1249.99
Day One Alfine 11 £1749.99 Fortitude Singlespeed £849.99
Day One Alfine 8 £1149.99 Frames and Forks
Day One Disc £699.99 High Latitude Frame only £299.99
Vapour £999.99 High Latitude Singlespeed Frame only £299.99
Vapour Disk £1199.99 Grapil FRame only inc. rear shock £1299.99
Croix Der Fer £1149.99 Fortitude Adventure Frame only £379.99
CdF £899.99 Fortitude Adventure Fork only £79.99
Frames and Forks Fortitude Race Frame only £419.99
Equilibrium Ti Frame & Fork £1499.99 Fortitude Race Fork only £79.99
Equilibrium Reynolds 725 Frame only £329.99
Equilibrium Reynolds steel fork only £139.99
Croix Der Fer Reynolds 725 Frame & Fork £374.99

If you would like to know more about the Genesis range, drop us a line to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Genesis web site

Swallow Bespoke

Swallow frames

Using the finest modern materials, traditional hand-building skills and 30 years of experience, Peter Bird and Robert Wade will create a bespoke bicycle or tandem frame exclusively for you. There will not be another one like it: a frame that will fit you and respond to your riding style like no other. The design and style can be modern or traditional, it can be whatever you want, and that's the key thing, it's your choice.

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