Booking your service means that we can ensure that you always have your bike when you need it.  Pre-book your service, drop your bike in first thing in the morning (or last thing the day before) and collect at the end of the same day. If your bike requires parts that we may not have in stock, then it will be a bit longer. We always inform and update you via phone, text or email.

For minor servicing such as gears or brakes it's still best to phone ahead and book, although we can cope with some quick adjustments if you just drop by, however, please don't feel offended if we are busy and we are unable to oblige, so it is best to phone and book.

If you don't require a quick turn around or your servicing is more involved such a our Platinum or a hydraulic brake overhall, then turn around will be approximately 3-5 days or arranged to be completed for a day convenient for you to collect. We can sometimes even fit in the odd small job there too, but be aware that we may have to say no if we are really busy.  If your bike requires parts that we don't have in stock, then this can add a few days to completion time, but we'll always keep you informed.

Regular servicing will ensure that your bicycle stays safe and comfortable. It will mean that you get the maximum life out of your components and it will help you plan for the replacement of parts as they wear out.  

To make it easier for you to predict how much the work will cost we have a range of fixed charges for servicing and adjustments.

If the work required is a little more unusual then we charge an hourly rate of £30 per hour. Our minimum labour charge is £10. Unless specifically stated, these charges are for labour only, you will need to pay for parts on top. If parts are required to be replaced or repaired during any of the servicing, you just pay for the parts and you don't pay any more for labour

If your bicycle is muddy on booking in for servicing and we need to clean it so we can work on it, we will charge you an additional £5.

For tandems there is an aditional charge per fixed service as follows: Boxed assembly, Bronze and Silver +£20; Gold +£40 and Platinum +£60

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Bronze Service £39.99

Ideal first service tune-up for bikes in good condition but ridden infrequently

  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted.
  • Chain and drive-chain checked for wear.
  • Tyres checked for wear, damage and inflated to pressure.
  • Wheels checked for alignment.
  • Steering checked for safety and adjusted if required.
  • All bearings - checked for safety and adjusted if required.
  • Advice given on any future issues and next service time-tabled.
Silver Service £64.99

The tune-up, suitable for bikes in good condition and ridden regularly or between annual services.

  • All items included from Bronze Service, plus:
  • Chain lubricated.
  • Bottom Bracket removed, greased and refitted.
  • Seat post removed, greased and refitted.
  • Wheels trued in frame.
  • Advice given on any future issues and next service time-tabled.
Gold Service £89.99

The annual service, recommended every 1500 miles for road or 1000 miles for off road.

  • All items included from Silver Service, plus:
  • Gear and brake cables replaced inc. casing, ferrules and caps.
  • Gear hanger checked and tracked.
  • All bearings - removed, degreased and re-greased.
  • Wheels trued and tensioned.
  • Advice given on any future issues and next service time-tabled.
Platinum £124.99

The full works. Your bike will look and feel like new.

  • All items included from Gold Service, plus:
  • Total strip of parts cleaned, re-greased and reassembled.
  • Frame and fork alignment check and tracked.
  • Frame and fork cleaned and polished.
  • Advice given on any future issues and next service time-tabled.
Boxed Bike Assembly £39

For those who bought a bike in a box, not from us, and would like it to be assembled and made safe to ride.

  • Bike assembled.
  • Basic fitting for comfort and safety.
A La Carte Servicing
Gear Servicing
Adjust gears F&R £10
Gear service (Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps (pads extra). £29
Gear service Tandem (Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps (pads extra). £45
Brake Servicing
Adjust brakes F&R £10
Fit new brake shoes and adjust per brake  (shoes extra) £10
Cable brake service (Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps (pads extra). £29
Cable brake service Tandem (Full replacement of cables, housing, ferrules and caps (pads extra). £45
Hydraulic Brake Service £49
Bleed and replace fluid front and rear (hose replacement, if needed, not included)
Fit new pads - Hydraulic brakes £10
Disc brake boss facing £19
Headsets, Bars and Stems
Adjust Headset £5
Replace Headset £25
Replace 'A-Head' stem flat/drop bar £15
Fit flat handle bars, grips, shifters (using existing cables & casings) £19
Fitting grips to flat bars £5
Fitting drop bars, tape, shifters (using existing cables & casings) £29
Drop Bar tape wrapping (inc. removing old tape - using existing cables & casings £15
Remove and refit chain and cassette £19
Fit or replace bottom bracket £19
Fit or replace chain £10
remove/refit chainset, fit new bolts/rings £19
Wheels, Tyres and Wheel building
Puncture repair we replace the inner tube (if possible, repair the puncture on the existing tube so you can have it as a spare). Includes the cost of a standard inner tube. £10
Axle/bearing/free hub replacement £19
Wheel truing per wheel (if we need to remove and refit the tyre it will be £5 extra) £15
Fit sealed bearings to axle £15
Wheel building per wheel £25
If all wheel parts are bought from us, a 10% discount is applied to the parts
Other Parts
Standard computer install £5
Cadence computer install £10
Garmin or other gps type computer install £15
Saddle/seat-post install including positioning and height adjustment to fit £10
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