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Swallow Bespoke

Building a bespoke frame is about you, we start with a blank sheet of paper, as every  frame is unique to its owner.

Using the finest modern materials, traditional hand-building skills and 30 years of experience, Peter Bird and Robert Wade will create a bespoke bicycle or tandem frame exclusively for you. There will not be another one like it: a frame that will fit you and respond to your riding style like no other. The design and style can be modern or traditional, it can be whatever you want, and that's the key thing, it's your choice.

We will of course guide, advise and inspire you, and you will have a bicycle that is unique to you.

The only thing that each Swallow frame shares apart from exacting quality and workmanship is a solid silver head badge and a hallmarked solid silver number plate. Your frame number is unique as it shows the exact date your frame was finished prior to painting and initialed by who made it.

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Our Philosophy

Is to build the best frame for you, your riding style and your needs.

We make sure that you are measured and fitted correctly, so no matter what your size or intended use, we will make sure that your bike is correct for you.  We listen to what you say and offer guidance so that you can make informed decisions and choices on your bespoke frame. We don't blind you with science and tech talk. 

We choose from the best modern materials and use a range of techniques to build your frame whether you choose a frame for touring, track, mountain biking, racing, Audax, sportives or just pootling around on. We'll ensure that it's correct for you.

We don't like to restrict you, so you can choose such things as lug designs, or lug-less, fork crowns, braze-ons, or endless options colours for paint or colour schemes or which stainless parts you would like polished. We can also fit S&S Torque couplings to make travelling easier with bikes and tandems.

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Why bespoke?

In a world of mass produced and increasingly affordable items, Oscar Wilde once said that: "a cynic is a man that knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing". So have we really moved on since the 19th century when Birmingham and Coventry had the highest concentration of bicycle and associated parts manufacturers in the world?

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Swallow Frame Pricing

As each frame is different, we tend to price each one individually. Each frame will have a solid silver head-badge and a hallmarked individual silver number plate. We also only use stainless steel bottle cages bosses and most other threaded braze-on bosses. Steel fork crowns and rear seat-stay bridges will have our Swallow bird engraved in them and solid top eyes either the bird or the word Swallow engraved, depending on the size or your choice.

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Build the Frame into a Bike

We do work with some of the UK's finest component manufacturers such as Middleburn, Hope and Royce UK so have access to some very nice kit to build and finish you bike. We always discuss in depth with you what you plan to do and what will be the best equipment to suit your riding and your budget, and then prepare a detailed quote for you.

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Ordering Process

Peter and Robert plan to build a limited each a year so please contact us for an estimated delivery date, although we are working on a 10-12 month delivery at the moment.

A deposit is payable on ordering and is non-refundable if the order is cancelled. You can however, defer your delivery to a later date if need be. Full terms & conditions can be downloaded here.

We much prefer to deal face-to-face with you as that helps us all to understand what can be achieved and what is possible for your frame and of course to measure you on our sizer.  We can of course, communicate with you via phone, email, letter and Skype if need be.

Please bear in mind that as much as we like to ensure the ordering process is enjoyable for you and that you are excited about ordering a bespoked frame, we can only do one thing at a time. If we are talking to customers on the phone, we cannot make frames. So we prefer email communication in the early stages of the order and then email and phone once we get closer to the build to discuss exact details.  That way, if it's your frame we actually working on, you know we are building it rather than talking to new customers on the phone.

There's a lot of information to help you order, but we expect you will have some questions, so drop us an email or give us a call or visit our showroom.

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