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Built Bicycles

We build a range of bicycles ethier to a preset specification or to a custom specification tailored more towards your requirements.   

When you call us or visit the showroom, you'll be able to speak to one of the team and we discuss your requirements to build a bike that reflects your lifestyle and needs.

We have a range of bicycles on show that you can ride before you buy. Some shops allow you to 'test ride' a bike around the block. If that is all you want to do, that's fine. But we would prefer you spend a bit more time with the bike that you are considering buying, while exploring the beautiful countryside around the Ironbridge gorge.

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Built Bicycles are available in the following ranges:

genesis ridley

Genesis is very much a riders brand. It's less about fashion and the latest must have bits and more about good design that works. Well thought through bikes that are right for UK conditions and how we like to ride, designed by people who actually ride bikes.

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Ridley bicycles are developed and tested in belgium, with a core passion for competitive cycling. Ridley's development philosophy is ‘form follows function’, resulting in every frames tube shape, construction and geometry is chosen for a specific reason.

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van-nicholas co-motion
Van Nicholas

Van Nicholas probably produce the highest quality and most versatile range of titanium bikes available. At Van Nicholas the research, design and fabrication process is a continuously evolving process with one aim: to create the best frames possible for their intended application.

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Co-Motion bicycles serve a real purpose for cyclists who expect real performance without unnecessary hype. Frames handmade in Oregon then built up to your desired spec.This gives you greater choice of parts and saves you money as import duty on frames is considerably less than duty on bikes.

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ridgeback tout-terrain

Ridgeback is now over 25 years old and offers quality and attention to detail little found else where in the cycle industry. We really think they offer unparalleled quality and value across a wide range of types and designs of bicycles.

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Tout Terrain

Have you ever looked at a bike and thought, wow! someone has really thought through the details for modern touring? Detail such as stainless steel racks that are brazed onto the frame to make them more stable and many others.

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A small UK-based company designing performance bicycles that happen to fold. Ideal for cyclists who need a serious road (or off-road) bicycle they can easily take with them on their travels.

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