Ride Before You Buy

Some shops allow you to 'test ride' a bike around the block. If that is all you want to do, that's fine. But we would prefer you spend a bit more time with the bike that you are considering buying, while exploring the beautiful countryside around the Ironbridge gorge. That way you can make a well informed decision about what suits you best.

Book your ride ahead and we can discuss which bikes you would like to ride. (Although it's not possible to have all bikes in all sizes, we should have some suitable for you). You can choose from half a day, whole day, weekend or up to a week. A percentage of the hire fee is refundable if you then purchase a bike. And if you haven't ridden a tandem before, you can book a tandem experience with training included.

If you are wondering what you family can do while you are riding or talking bikes with us, there's loads of interesting things to do in the Gorge. Obviously, they can ride with you, and we do have assorted child trailers for you to try/use too. Being in a world heritage site there are numerous museums and activities to visit, together with other interesting towns such as Much Wenlock (home of the modern Olympics) or the foody haven of Ludlow.

We have assorted routes, cafes, pubs and accommodation that we can suggest in the area immediately around the Gorge. If you want you can take the bike home or on holiday. Conditions do apply.

So choose from Landescape, Van Nicholas, Airnimal, Birdy, Tout Terrain, or possibly a Swallow or any of our tandems from the Tandem Shop to ride.  As in: ride it on your favourite route for day or more or around the lanes and hills of Shropshire or Wales or where you live and not just round the car park or along the road from the shop. Then give us a call (01952 459900) or drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your bike.

The concept is quite simple. You can hire the bikes for 2 hours, 1/2 a day, a day or up to 7 days so that you can fully test how they feel and ride before you buy one. Afterwards, should you choose to buy a bike of a similar value or more expensive than the one hired, we will refund a percentage of your hire fee when you place your order with us.  It's a good idea to bring your own preferred pedals and shoes.

These are the costs:

   2 hrs   1/2 day 4hrs 1 day 7hrs    2days   4days long w/end   7 days 

Hire charge

£10 £20 £35 £60 £100 £150

% refund

100% 100% 100% 60% 40% 25%


So what if you don't need so long to make up your mind? You can test ride for up to 1 hour as there are pleanty of routes here that we can send you one to get a feel of the bike you are interested in.


  • So what's the catch?  There is no catch: you hire a bike, you ride the bike and if you buy bike of a similar value or more expensive from us your hire fee is refunded.
  • Right, so you let me ride off with £2000 of bike, just like that?  Yes. However, we do require photo ID from you, plus a £500 pre-autherisation on a credit or debit card, and of course you fill in a hire contract.  If you are just hiring for up to one day then you pay the hire fee when you return.  For more than one day you pay the full hire fee before you leave the shop.
  • What if I don't return with the bike?  We know where you live..... and we will inform the Police.
  • Can I use these bikes for a sportuve, charity ride, time trial or road race? The short answer is no. Our insurance does not cover these as they are deemed to high a risk.
  • Can I ride more than one bike in a day? Of course, but do let us know before hand.
  • Do the bikes come with a tool kit? Yes, we supply pump, spare tube, multi tool in a seat pack, plus a lock and Giro helmet if you require one.
  • What happens if I damage or loose something?  Under the hire contract you are liable for any damage and losses and these will be charged at normal retail value to you.
  • Can I have a cup of tea, please?  Yes, or coffee if you would prefer.
  • Are you open Sundays and Bank Holidays?  Like you, we need time off too, so as a rule we are not.  However, we can make certain arrangements if required, so do ask, the worst we can say is no.

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